The Lake

Les Montautiers is approximately 5 acres amongst land of 6.5 acres. It is stream and spring fed ensuring good quality water throughout the year.

The banks offer easy access to the water, and the swims have been designed to drain even in the wettest conditions. Swims have been generously constructed to accommodate even the largest two man bivvies with room to spare. Three of the swims have been designed as double swims, allowing sociable fishing for 6 anglers which ensures an exclusive, quiet and non pressured experience.

Fish Stock

Les Montautiers was initially stocked in the winter of 1998-'99 with 130 fish. Most of these were low to mid twenties with a good head of thirties and a sprinkling of forties. Then again in the winter of 2001-'02 more quality fish were added to the lake.

A further stocking in early 2004 is further proof of the dedication and commitment of the previous owners by adding quality carp as part of an ongoing stocking strategy for a brilliant and unforgettable catch.

Lake Map

Click a swim name for swim images and info.

Lake Map


Big Double

Big Double is a large double swim at the north side of the lake. There is plenty of room for two of the largest bivvies to be set up. This swim has access to lots of features to fish including both islands, gullies, plateaux, clay/gravel beds and lily pads. Big Double tends to be the most popular swim due to its size and the vast area of water available.

Double Island

Double Island is the first swim as you come through the gate. Again, there is more than enough room for two bivvies. To the left there is a big area of open water which narrows as you go to the right. Overhanging trees, lillies, gravel bars and margins are the main features accessible at this swim.


Whilst Natural is predominantly a single swim, there is ample room for an extra bivvy or shelter. There is a large open area of water to the left, with groups of lily pads and overhanging trees to fish by. As you come over to the right, you have another bigger area of open water with the start of the first island further on to the right.


Roadside is a single swim where stealth is key. It is recommended you fish by the lillies to the right or along the left hand bank no more than two rod lengths out. The fish tend to come in close to Roadside so quietness is somewhat essential.

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