Welcome To Woody's Hooked In France

Hooked in France is dedicated to only using quality baits and therefore provide a stock in our on-site shop at affordable prices. Fresh frozen boilies can be purchased in 1kg bags and carp pellets are available in any quantity you require. Purchases may be made in £ Sterling or Euros.

Bait prices (Euros preferred)

Premier Baits

The Lincs and Super Indian Boilies (1kg Bags): £7.00 per kg 

Coopens pellet: £2.50 per kg
Prepared hemp: £3.50 per kg (minimum 5kg)
Prepared mixed particle: £2.50 per kg
Prepared maize: £2.00 per kg (minimum 5kg)

MAD baits

£6 a kilo  


Lake Offers

Lake Special - £50
5kg of MAD boilies
5kg of Coopens pellet
5kg of particle mix

Lake Special 2 - £55
5kg of premier boilies
5kg of coopens pellet
5kg of particle mix


Leads and hooks are available on site  More tackle will be available soon